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Rhode Island: the mid-Atlantic state of the USA

Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island, officially known as the Ocean State, occupies a small area fringed predominantly by bays and the Atlantic Ocean.  Nestled on a headland, it is bordered by Connecticut to the west and Massachusetts to the north. The remaining region is a mix of rocky coast and soft, sweeping curves of coastline with numerous coves and peninsulas.

The central axis of the state is undoubtedly the sea, as the imposing presence of the Atlantic Ocean is felt from the cliffs, the sandy beaches, the coves and bays which adorn the coast.

The natural landscape is an unparalleled wilderness for the inhabitants of Rhode Island, an aspect which has always held strong sway within the region’s character and economy. Today, Rhode Island is a wealthy state in full development boasting an advanced technology industry and a strong sense of social consciousness. With its exceptional beaches, coves and peninsulas with spectacular views over the bays, this state has now become a popular destination for not only tourists, but also for sailing aficionados and for those in search of a peaceful and pleasant place to live.

Rhode IslandOfficially known as the `State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations’, Rhode Island is the smallest of the 50 states which make up the United States of America. It forms part of the New England region, located to the north, which was originally occupied by British settlers in search of the religious and personal freedom that Europe denied them.  However, Rhode Island was actually founded by an influx of religious heretics from neighboring regions who were prosecuted for their interpretation of religious freedom. Traces of this rebellion are still evident today in the first settlement which existed before the arrival of the British colonies, which from then on became one of the most liberal areas of the United States.

This is reflected in a large part of the public and social services as well as other aspects which are synonymous with the high quality of living which the state enjoys.  Rhode Island has managed to evolve into a modern economy with advanced technology, enabling it to establish good connections with both Boston and New York. Whilst these big cities are focused on business and technology, smaller towns and seaside settlements have turned into tourist magnets and exclusive homes, in close proximity to the beach or to small marinas. Famous for its magnificent array of luxury seafront homes, as far back as the 19th century the delights of Rhode Island have continued to draw in the elite from across the United States.

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