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Newport, Rhode Island

NewportFringed by the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Newport is characterised by its luxury mansions, unspoilt beaches and incredible ocean views. The importance and fame of this renowned city belies its actual size, given that even though it is one of both the most exclusive tourist destinations and most important ports in the United States, its population barely exceeds 25,000. One of the most charming features of Newport is undoubtedly its privileged location on the tip of Aquidneck Island facing Narragansett Bay, surrounded by the sea, numerous beaches and sand dunes.

However, the main reason for Newport’s popularity amongst the elite is its unrivalled atmosphere. Founded in 1639, this picturesque port city still exudes some of its original 17th-century charm and has the highest concentration of colonial architecture in the country.

This beautiful city features luxurious homes built in the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century by the Vanderbilt family and other members of the American upper class. In fact, many of the country’s wealthiest and most influential families lived in Newport including both the Astor and Vanderbilt families in order to escape the heat and humidity of New York and Philadelphia. These rich business families built summer homes in an attempt to emulate extravagant European mansions, adorned with marble, gold, works of art, frescoes and priceless antiques as well as European-style gardens designed around the ocean views, consequently turning Newport into a playground for the rich and famous.

With a rather European and aristocratic atmosphere that is unrivalled by other states, Newport is widely considered as America’s society capital. Aside from magnificent houses built in the most beautiful of locations, Newport also features a multitude of country and sailing clubs. In fact, the concentration of world-famous sailing and sports clubs is so high in the ‘spiritual home’ of the America’s Cup, that it is considered by many as the sailing capital of the world.

NewportNewport Country Club is the oldest and most prestigious golf club in the United States. Founded by the Astor and Vanderbilt families in 1898, it was one of the original five founding member clubs of the United States Golf Association. Built in 1881 the same year as the Newport Casino, the International Tennis Hall of Fame, also known as Newport’s sporting mansion, held the first national tennis championships on grass courts in the 1881 U.S. National Lawn Tennis Championship. The tournament was held in this building until 1918 and then became what is now known as the U.S. Open. Nowadays, international tennis players travel to Newport every summer to play in this tournament after competing in the Wimbledon Championships in London. As well as tennis, polo, cricket and rugby are amongst some of Newport’s most popular summertime sports.

Along with sport, the city is also renowned for the Newport Jazz Festival and the Rhode Island International Film Festival, as well as luxurious boutiques and restaurants that meet with lavish yachts and a relaxed surfing lifestyle in a city which has a lot to offer, despite its modest size.

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