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Narragansett, Rhode Island

NarragansettSimilar in some respects to the city of Newport, the small town of Narragansett is located at the point of the Continental United States which faces Aquidneck Island and where the magnificent Narragansett Bay merges with the Atlantic Ocean. One of the most charming features of this town with little more than 16,000 residents is its rural atmosphere, given that it is formed by seven villages scattered over its 24km stretch of coastline adorned with beautiful beaches and charming coves.

Each of these villages feature colonial houses and mansions dating back to the 19th century which exude timeless elegance and boast charming original features of the century including music pavilions, ballrooms and theatres. Subsequently, Narragansett has become a popular and exclusive summertime tourist destination.

NarragansettTourists continue to flock to Narragansett, attracted by its unspoilt beaches, natural beauty, classic elegance and range of water sports. Nowadays, the magnificent 19th-century mansions coexist with modern villas, predominantly near Narragansett Pier where much of the town’s residents live all year round, not just during their summer vacations. The town of Narragansett is within easy reach of both New York and Boston by road and by train, and T.F. Green Airport is located just a few kilometres away.

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