Where? (Location)

Jamestown, Rhode Island

JamestownThe small town of Jamestown is positioned facing the magnificent stretch of bay that joins Newport with Conanicut Island, and is considered a haven for lovers of sailing, nature and long sweeping beaches.With only 5,800 residents and a size of little more than 25km, Jamestown exudes a peaceful, rural charm with a wealth of open space and an informal society dedicated to sailing, which is to be expected with it occupying a long stretch of Rhode Island’s 650km of coastal properties. In fact, most people on Rhode Island own a beachfront home from which they can enjoy the beautiful sunset over Narragansett Bay.

This region was originally occupied by British settlers in their farming communities and played an important role in the American War of Independence, however towards the end of the 19th century it became a peaceful, renowned area that attracted a multitude of tourists to the town’s hotels, much of which no longer exist. Nonetheless, Jamestown continues to preserve its rural, picturesque environment and to attract both residents and tourists alike, who arrive by crossing the numerous bridges that connect the island with Newport and the Continental United States.

JamestownSituated just three hours from New York and just one hour from Boston, Rhode Island is within easy reach and certainly has a lot to offer. Whether looking for somewhere to practise your favourite hobby or a place rich in history, this is the ideal location. Those who visit the region will find themselves instantly seduced and left speechless by the unrivalled charm of the ocean as they take their first stroll across the bridges between Jamestown and Newport.